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Science Direct Open Access Journals – Over 600 Journals

Taylor & Francis Open Access Journals – Over 150 Journals

Taylor & Francis Open Access Journals – Over 150 Journals

Springer Open Access Journals – Over 200 Journals

Wiley Online Library Open Access Journals – Over 100 Journals

Sage Open Access Journals – More than 200 Journals

Cambridge Open Access Journals – 23 Journals

Open Access Journals Search Engine – Over 400 Journals

Scientific Journals – More than 200 Journals

OMICH Open Journals – Over 300 Journals

Open Access Library – Over 2 Million Academic articles

DOAJ – Over 10,000 Journals

Bioline international - Open Source Journals

Brill Open E-Journals Collection

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Free Medical Journals

Free On-line Chemistry journals

Free scholarly electronic journals:

HighWire Press - free full-text peer-reviewed content

Hindawi - Open Access Journals

Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS)

Journal of Postgraduate Medicine

MedInd-medical journals - fulltext of 33 Journals

National Preservation Office - NPO ejournals

Open Access Library  - Free Access to 263,388 Articles

Physics related free access journals

Public Library of Science - open-access journals

Publisher of more than 150 peer-reviewed Open Access Journals

Science and Education Publishing - of 85 Journals

SPIE Journals (Open Access)

The African Journal Archive 



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