Membership and Admission to the UWU Library

A library lending and reference facility is restricted to members, but others who are desirous in consulting the resources of the Library may do so with the permission of the Librarian.

Application for membership is to be made on the prescribed form obtained from the Library. Applications of students and staff members of the University Departments shall be recommended by the respective Heads of the Department. On fulfilling the requirements, users are requested to bring university identity card for any approach with the UWU library.

Note : One color passport size photograph should be submitted - ( affixed on the membership application ).

Readers who will fail to return library materials on the due date will be fined at the rate of Rs. 3.00 for a Lending Book and Rs.5.00 for a Scheduled Reference book per day. 

Books on loan can be recalled at any time irrespective of the period of loan at the discretion of the Librarian.

Before leaving the counter the members must satisfy themselves as to whether the books lent to them are in good condition and if not, they must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the staff on duty at the circulation counter. Otherwise they shall be held responsible for any damage discovered afterward.

Loss of books on loan should be immediately reported to the Librarian. Members are liable to replace such books or pay the cost of the book. The members are liable to pay the overdue charges as admissible, in addition to the cost of the book up to the date on which the loss was reported.

Photocopying of library books and journals may only be carried out within the Copyright regulations. Members can utilize the photocopying facility provided inside the Library on payment.


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